Grundfos Pumps Namibia by NEC

Grundfos Namibia by NEC is an official distributor for Grundfos pumps in Namibia. We can offer full range of pumping equipment from one of the worlds leading pump manufacturers. Grundfos pumps cater for a diverse range of applications and industries.

You can request a quotation from us from the convenience of your home.

Simply follow the link below and complete the online form with all required information that we need to get you a quotation for Grundfos pumps in Namibia.

Take note that we not only sell the product but also offer installation services and repairs for Grundfos pumps.


All Grundfos products come with a 2-year warranty that fully complies with legal requirements. The warranty covers product and material defects which are not the results of normal wear and tear for a period of 24 months from the date of delivery. The warranty period may not, however, exceed 30 months from the date of production. Click here to see the full details

A deep dive into the world of Grundfos

Discover the story of Grundfos from its foundation to the present day. A story not just about a water pump company, but of optimism and relentless innovation.