Deliver constant pressure to your customers with the CMBE Twin booster pump for water supply and commercial applications. The CMBE Twin Booster system consist of two CMBE pumps connected in parallel and mounted on a base plate with a Grundfos built manifold. The CMBE pumps will alternate to ensure the same number of operating hours until high flow is needed, and the pumps will run together.

Additional information

The CMBE twin offers constant pressure and high comfort thanks to the variable-speed motor, noiseless operation and built-in protection against dry running. A pressure sensor monitoring the discharge pressure allows for the CMBE twin to adjust motor speed or signal for the second pump to start, adapting to changing system demands.
The integrated speed control enables the CMBE to maintain a constant pressure in the pipe system and offers a solution for a variety of applications.

• Cascade control- ensures that pump two starts in case high flow is needed
• Pump alternation – Keeps operating hours even between the pumps
• All-in-one solution including pump, motor, tank, pressure and flow sensor, controller, check valve, fuse box, base plate and manifold
• Grundfos manufactures all CMBE Twin components
• Multi-Master – both pumps can be the control unit
• Dry running protection
• High efficiency ECM motor
• Available in three different CMBE sizes
• Available in both 1x115V and 1×200-240V
• Communication capable with CIM cards
• Wireless communication between the two CMBE pumps
• Low noise (57dB or less in typical use)
• Robust, stainless steel design
• Easy installation
• Low energy consumption
• Dry-running protection
• Noise level below 55 dBA and even lower at controlled speed

The CMBE Booster is a complete pump system preassembled with the following components:
• CME pump with integrated frequency converter
• 5-way fitting with non-return valve
• Diaphragm tank
• Pressure gauge
• Pressure sensor

The simple control panel features the GRUNDFOS Eye that indicates system status, warnings and alarms. Adjusting to the desired setpoint is easy using the one-touch control buttons. The light fields on the control panel will indicate the setpoint setting.

Product Flyer – CMBE-Twin (PDF file)