Hot Water Recirculation Comfort System

Grundfos Comfort System – Hot Water Recirculation System
The water circulation system that eliminates cold water line runoff at the faucet using a bypass valve and pump with a timer to control water flow while delivering instant hot water.

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Hot Water Recirculation – Special Features
• The ultimate in convenience is having hot water instantly available at sinks, appliances and bathroom faucets. The elimination of time spent waiting is especially convenient in areas where the installation of low flow showerheads and faucets are required by law.
• Hot water recirculation improves the efficiency and effectiveness of household appliances including washing machines and dishwashers by having hot water available instantly.
• Users can save energy by setting the 24 hour programmable timer to make hot water available during peak demand times, such as early morning and in the evening.
• The recirculation pump can be installed by a certified contractor in two hours. For the average home, hot water recirculation systems generally cost a few hundred dollars, including parts and installation.
• A wet rotor design for whisper-quiet and maintenance-free operation.
• Stainless steel rotor cladding and canister construction, an exclusive UP 15 series feature, ensures corrosion-resistance and extended product durability.
• A low-watt, two-pole motor combined with low-flow performance mitigates heat loss and ensures minimum water heater operating costs, pipe and water heater wear and energy consumption.
• Significant water (and sewer) disposal savings, retaining the 12,000 to 38,000 gallons of wasted water a typical U.S. home wastes annually waiting for their hot water heater. Some fast-growing counties are making the installation of hot water recirculation pumps mandatory for all new construction projects to prevent heat loss.

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